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"Lomax is one of those artists that will persistently and consistently produce music of excellent quality without compromising for the benefit of mass appeal. This is art (without wanting to sound pretentious) and art sounds good." - Listen With Monger

Richard Lomax musician Omnichord "Richard Lomax" Granfalloon music folk electronica Manchester "Manchester music" UK England guitar "live music" singer songwriter Folktronica North Northwest


Listen to Please Write Responsibly the new single by Granfalloon - out now on Bandcamp. The new video is out now

Richard Lomax (AKA Granfalloon) first embarked on writing songs for a proposed year-long journal in 2014… a maddening yet rewarding journey that documented the fever dream of a chaotic year in the form of fifty-two pieces of music.


Almost 10 years after its initial conception Lomax is about to release Calendar - Chapter II as a collaboration with fellow songwriter Lobelia. Chapter II is the follow up to 2022’s Calendar - Volume I album, taking those fifty-two ramblings, ideas, half-baked thoughts and overcooked dreams and turning them into what will become a trio of albums.

For Calendar - Volume I, the first instalment of the triptych;  Granfalloon continued the work of his third album, Positive Songs, to focus more on traditional songwriting, and not quite traditional storytelling, to chisel out small, beautiful moments. It showcases this non-traditional storytelling with subject matter like... the meta-narrative approach to the dangers to you and the relationships around you that writing can have, expressing love through mathematical formulae, and 8 year old girls catching bees in Tupperware boxes, all with a heavy dose of Richard Lomax’s absurdism.


Granfalloon was conceived in 2017 when songwriter and producer Lomax recorded the debut album, Down There For Dancing, with lo-fi drum machines, an Omnichord, and a guitar.

The second album, RGB, was released in 2019. Lomax began working with a full band, weaving his oddball elements into dreamy songs and cinematic soundscapes. The album's singles were championed by BBC Introducing and 6 Music.

In 2020-2021 Lomax began to find more reward in playing acoustic instruments with other human beings and Positive Songs, the third Granfalloon album saw a move away from electronics towards a more organic sound.

Lomax has previously released two albums with Johnny5thWheel&thecowards (2010-2013) described as "a work of genius" by Whisperin' & Hollerin' and "one of the finest folk-pop records of the year" by God Is In The TV.

Both albums were critically acclaimed in many blogs and listed in several as top albums of the year.



“My kind of artist” - Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

"Granfalloon - what's not to love about that?!" - Chris Hawkins, BBC 6 Music

"His songwriting style is absolutely crazy. I love it so much." - Will Wolstenholme, BBC Introducing


"Utterly enchanting" - Crack Magazine

"Music that wouldn't sound out of place in a Wes Anderson film" - Drunken Werewolf

"like a mix of Beck and the Polyphonic Spree, trying everything they can find in a music shop."

- Wall of Sound​

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