Down There For Dancing


℗ 2017 The Dogan

"A lovely mass of chiming chords, deadpan wordplay and a wispy psychedelic otherness." - Now Then Magazine


"Impressive debut" - The Big Issue

"Het is echter niet eens zozeer de tekst als wel de muziek die ons ervan overtuigd heeft dat ook Nederland

in de ban van Granfalloon moet geraken." - Indebanvan (NL)

"Lomax is one of those artists that will persistently and consistently produce music of excellent quality without compromising for the benefit of mass appeal. This is art (without wanting to sound pretentious) and art sounds good in 2017."

- Listen With Monger

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Richard Lomax & the Tontine

℗ 2014 Dogface Records

Recorded live at the King's Arms. Historic music pub in Salford. Only vocals and Omnichords were overdubbed. Indulging Lomax's love for the surf and garage rock'n'roll bands of the 50's and 60's.

"Lomax has crafted a witty homage to the classic rock sounds of the 60s with an electronic twist through

frequent Omnichord cameos" - Soundsphere Mag

"Lomax has the voice of a Beatle born too late. Throughout the album it’s clear that one of Lomax’s strongest points is his songwriting. There’s a tendency to overload his songs with long struck sentences, chock full of detail that tell stories – stories about relationships and psychedelics, or maybe a relationship with psychedelics?" - Howl & Echoes

"I'd urge you to buy the album. I'd strongly urge it. I'd demand it, but I know that would be awfully forward of me. But seriously, this is a brilliant collection of songs. One of my favourite tracks on the entire albumen is 'Set Me Free' which has a super super bit of riffage in it, is brilliantly paced and catchy and had me dancing round the flat like a woman possessed (only the second time in my entire life that's happened - the first time was after a glass of Um Bongo at the school disco when I was 6).

- The General Music Blog


The 52 Project

Richard Lomax

℗ 2015 Independent

Lomax wrote and recorded 52 songs in one year. That's one a week throughout the year, written and recorded across the UK, Germany and Belgium. Some are good. Some are maybe best forgotten. The full 52-track album was released for a limited time in 2015.


Richard Lomax & the Tontine

℗ 2016 Sotones Records


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Diary of a Liar


℗ 2013 Sotones Records

Johnny5thwheel&thecowards were active from 2010-2013 and based in the NorthWest of England. A surrealist collective of musicians, artists, poets and film-makers fronted by Richard Lomax. God Is In The TV Zine placed their debut album 'TalesOf...' in their Top 30 albums of 2010, making many other end of year lists as well. The follow up 'Music To Shake'n'Shuffle To' (2012) equally made a lot of critics end of year lists. FFO: Bonzo Dog Band and Harry Nilsson

"This brand new single sounds like The La’s and early Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci pitted against each other

in a psychedelic ’60s monster movie, for which it can only be commended." - Rocksucker

"Brilliant, compelling, stark raving bonkers" - Sounds XP

"I think I’m fairly confident in saying that you probably won’t hear too many tracks like this in 2013. ‘Diary of a Liar’ is sprinkled with pixie-dust harpy sounds, breathy vocals, lo-fi drum machine and just a little bit of brilliance. Please listen. 8/10" - Tasty Fanzine



℗ 2012 Sotones Records

Compilation of songs taken from Johnny5thWheel's first two albums: 'TalesOf...' & 'Music To Shake'n'Shuffle To'.

"Johnny5thWheel&thecowards have crafted one of the finest folk-pop records I've heard all year...

A charming, witty and superb album. 5/5" - God Is In The T.V. Zine

'"TalesOf...Johnny5thWheel&thecowards' is a work of genius." - Whisperin' & Hollerin

"Music that wouldn't sound out of place in a Wes Anderson film." - Drunken Werewolf