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Album no.2 is in the can

Supine Peer
Photo by Sonja Amoretti

Our new album is finished! We've just sent it away for pressing! 📣

It's been a long journey since we met to demo the songs for it in September 2017. Since then we've played Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, (and England). I've entered my 'mature' beard-y phase. Our drummer moved to Barcelona. Our guitarist moved to Monton.

We recorded it across some lovely Manchester studios in WR Audio and #LimefieldStudio. We even built our own, The Dogan, to finish it.

Big thanks to everyone who performed and produced... Peer van See, Dave Bertram, Oliver Hughes, Natalie McCool, Biff Roxby, Andrew Glassford, Jack Prest, Jackpot jim, Ellie Boney + George Burrage.

We have some incredible artwork for it courtesy of Jo Rüssmann which we'll reveal soon (along with the name of the album!). Thanks also to Gideon Conn and Joe Beech for their contributions to the artwork.

Now we are booking gigs to tour the record! If you would like to book Granfalloon for September/October/November, get in touch! If you can recommend anywhere for us to play please do so HERE in the comments.

So it goes... RLx

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