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Bee on a String is out today

My new single, Bee on a String, is out today through the finest mind expanding record label around, Cosmic Glue! Go here to listen!

It's the first fruit of the recording sessions I've been working on with a band of phenomenal musicians (Andy Lyth, Cleg, Daz Woodcock, Garreth Knott - shout outs of love to you all). The album is coming along in fits and bursts - it's looking like it may be a double (or potentially even a triple album). Given the scope of it, I'm getting to collaborate with a bunch of other wonderful musicians (Dom Major, Test Card Girl, Molly Becker, Ellie Boney, George Burrage - shouts of love at you all) and I'm looking forward to the wider world hearing the recordings as I'm over the moon about the sounds that are clinging to each other as we work through sculpting these beautiful, weird, wonky songs and stories.

Watch the wonderful video lovingly animated by Roomer Animations.

You wanna know more about this song? Of course you do! It's called Bee on a String? Eh? Here's a story...

When Catherine* was an 8 year old girl, she learned two facts about bees. Fact number one about bees was that bees cannot fly backwards. Fact number two was that, if you were to catch a bee in a tupperware box and place that tupperware box in a fridge, you would lower the bee’s body temperature to the point where that bee would go to sleep.

Combining these two facts, Catherine, at years old, caught a bee in a tupperware box, placed the tupperware box in the fridge, cooled the bee and put it to sleep and whilst the bee was rendered comatose Catherine tied a very thin piece of cotton round one of its back legs. She then took the tupperware from the fridge, warmed the bee and woke it up. Safe in the knowledge the bee could not fly backwards and sting her, she took the bee for a walk around her local park.

*names have been changed to protect the unwittingly guilty

The song is available through (and other places too.)

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תגובה אחת

Jeff Archuleta
Jeff Archuleta
14 במאי 2022

Sweet tune, and such a delightful video!

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