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New animated video... The Pigeon

Out today... the new animated video for The Pigeon!

Watch it! Marvel in the dizzying detail of this wonderfully complex and trippy moving picture populated by a crew of wild pigeon characters.

An oversized tip of my chapeau to Roomer Animations for the incredible work on this and big thanks to all of the musical contributors - Lobelia, Steve Lawson, Andy Lyth + Adrian Ingham (DEATHRETRO/Hello Cosmos)

The Pigeon is the third single from the album Positive Songs, released in 2021 through Cosmic Glue.

Check out this write up on the Eclectic Music Lover site.

Watch on Youtube here

Subscribe to Granfalloon on Bandcamp for the whole back catalogue

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1 Comment

Jeff Archuleta
Jeff Archuleta
Feb 04, 2022

Thanks for sharing my review!

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