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New (Pre-)Order

The new album from Granfalloon is available to pre-order TODAY!

Photo by Jessica Richardson

Place an order for your physical real world CD now. It won't be on Spotify you know...

I'll begin shipping the album to hopefully arrive before the official release date so you can get yours ahead of the stampeding crowd heading this way and baying for their shiny silver disc!

Also it's #BandcampFriday so if you order today, more of that money will go to the artist (me) to afford to keep making this music-type stuff that I make and make and make.

I'll also be live streaming tracks from the album this evening at 8pm over at

Tune in to Lobelia, performing at 7pm on and then raid over to my channel with the Granfallamily.

And also... order a CD

So it goes GFx

Photo by Jessica Richardson

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