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New single out today

cover art for Who You Are by Granfalloon
Embrace Who You Are

The new Granfalloon single, Who You Are is out TODAY


I wrote this song for the Positive Songs Project, last year’s magical community songwriting challenge that I started with Lobelia Lawson. The project led to the writing of over 300 songs from around the world including an album of songs by me. This is the first single from that album… a song about accepting myself for who I am. It’s not something I’ve been 100% successful at but I feel that every year I get a little bit closer to feeling comfortable with myself and my own brain. It might be a ways off but things are better than they were and that is something special.

The track is backed by a special cover of one of my favourite 'positive songs', This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) by Talking Heads. This exclusive recording I did with the band, is only available through Bandcamp and if you're on of my awesome Bandcamp subscribers, you will receive the track automatically.

Embrace who you are

So it goes...


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