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Please Write Responsibly out today

The new single is out today! Boy o boy o girl o girl, I have been VERY excited to share this one with you.

The video is going live ANY MINUTE NOW. It features some strange and joyful scribblings from my brain through to my fair hand which have been wonderfully animated by a wonderful collaboration between Really Really Final Final Productions + Look Woolly Films.

Watch the video now at

ABOUT THE SONG You know there are those songs we write, that are rooted wholly in fact, and there are those that take some element of life and exaggerate or filter it through another lens, employing it as a fantastical metaphor in order to better understand or illustrate our lives.

When we use elements of our real lives in this way, we run the risk of people feeling hurt, or misunderstood.

This is not one of those songs. This is the song written as an apology for one of those songs.

It features wonderful contributions from Dom Major, Andy Lyth, Molly Becker + Daz Woodcock.




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1 Comment

Jeff Archuleta
Jeff Archuleta
Jul 04, 2022

I absolutely love everything about it!

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