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Talking Heads cover video

This exclusive cover is available as a free download with the Granfalloon single, Who You Are -

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To accompany the release of Who You Are, the first single from the forthcoming Positive Songs album, we thought we'd record one of our favourite positive songs by another artist, the incredible Talking Heads. This track is one of my absolute favourites. The lyric "Home is where I long to be/but I think I'm already there" makes me well up every time (I think you can see my eyes get wet when I sing it here).

Absolute classic. We're working on a song by the fantastic 60's band, the Zombies to go with the next single. If you have a favourite postitive song, request us to cover it in the comments below and you could be in with a chance of winning a special Granfalloon goodybag (1x vinyl, 1x CD, 1x t-shirt). Deadline for the draw is the album release date!

The video was edited by Andy Lyth (who also drums), check out more of his drum covers at

So it goes GFx

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