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The launch of a Granfalloon Patreon

This post is going to contain of a lot Patreon references, if that's not for you, no problem... check out this songwriting blog instead.

Photo by Jess Richardson

For the rest of you lovely people, I've just launched the Granfalloon Patreon. Here's a bit about why and what that means.

I've been creating weird and wonderful music for the world at large since the mid 2000's and formed Granfalloon as a vehicle to tell stories and make music in October 2016. Since then we've released 4 full length albums of storytelling alt-folk (alt-everything) and a host of other projects (ambient electronica, David Lynch tributes, collaborative songwriting groups).

Each one of my albums is painstakingly crafted with amazing musical collaborators, all of whom to some degree make their living from music. And they all need (deserve) to be paid for the work they put into creating these surrealist collections.

To that end, I launched a subscription service for my music on Bandcamp in 2021 ( - the uptake on if was so overwhelming it made sense to give it a home on Patreon as well.

The money you pledge on Patreon or Bandcamp will go into ensuring that Granfalloon can continue to make music, and that the people involved can be paid fairly for their incredible contributions.

Join the Granfalloon and support on Patreon

Join the Granfalloon and support on Bandcamp

The first release to launch the Patreon is Live From The Red Room; an exclusive, previously unreleased live E.P. featuring songs from the Granfalloon debut album, Down There For Dancing, in a completely new context. And I have much more planned for you over the next year (and beyond).

Join the Granfalloon, support on Patreon, and get your exclusive E.P. now!

Join the Granfalloon, support on Bandcamp, and get your exclusive E.P. now!

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