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**Granfalloon single release - AMBULANCE**


Granfalloon is a folktronica group fronted by producer Richard Lomax. The pan-European group are part German and based across Manchester and Barcelona. These influences can be heard in their psychedelic mixture of folk, electronica, and Krautrock. Instruments include Omnichords, acoustic guitars, Casio keyboards, and vintage drum machines. These elements are woven in and out of found samples to create beautifully imperfect soundscapes. Their new single ‘Ambulance' is out on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp through Manchester label The Dogan.

Listen to it here:







​Ambulance’ is a song about those self imposed rituals that we use to keep ourselves mentally healthy. It features the Omnichord (an electronic autoharp) over a loving combination of acoustic guitar, synths, samples, and a four to the floor backbeat verse that melts into a dreamlike chorus. The chorus line is inspired by a rhyme uttered by singer Lomax’s grandmother upon seeing an ambulance pass by: “Touch your head and touch your toes/If you don’t want to go in one of those.”


Lomax says: “My grandparents write most of my best lyrics.”


Granfalloon's use of lo-fi bedroom recording techniques point to a revelry in beautiful imperfection and a desire to create something very special. There is a real commitment to detail which involved patiently distilling the soundscapes until the elements of electronics, delicate acoustic guitar, and the mixture of lo-fi, folk & psych all fell into place.

The track was mixed by Sydney based Jack Prest (AKA Future Love Hangover) who has most recently worked on Jonti's 2017 album 'Tokorats'.


This link is for everyone to download our single from Bandcamp and share it about,

this is our preference... we ruddy love Bandcamp:

Or if you want to add the track to your Spotify playlist.

Download an mp3 of 'Ambulance' via this Dropbox along with promotional photos and single artwork:

If you prefer Soundcloud here's a private link to stream the single. We know some people prefer to share Soundcloud links publicly on their sites. If you are one of those, please let us know and we'll sort some special treatment out for you:


Upcoming shows:

Thurs 22nd Feb - Strange Brew (launch gig), CHORLTON

Wed 28th Feb - Peer Hat, MANCHESTER

Sun 8th Apr - The Castle, MANCHESTER

Sun 15th Apr - Eagle Inn, SALFORD (w/Siobhan Wilson)

Sat 12th May - The Ferret, PRESTON

Thurs 24th May - Fuel, MANCHESTER



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