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**Granfalloon debut album released 15th September 2017**


Granfalloon is the musical moniker of Manchester based songwriter Richard Lomax. The debut album 'Down There For Dancing' will be released in September 2017 on Manchester label The Dogan.


Granfalloon's use of lo-fi bedroom recording techniques point to a revelry in beautiful imperfection and a desire to create something very special. There is a real commitment to detail which involved patiently distilling the soundscapes until the elements of electronics, delicate acoustic guitar, and the mixture of lo-fi, folk & psych all fell into place.


It lovingly combines samples, synths, and the Omnichord (an electronic autoharp) as well as guitarist Dave Bertram’s liquid silver guitar sound over a mixture of 808 states and broken 8-bit beats.

Link to stream the album and share it about, this is our preference... we ruddy love Bandcamp:


If you prefer Soundcloud here's a private link to stream the album:


If you prefer to download mp3s they can be downloaded via this Dropbox

along with promotional photos and album artwork:


Upcoming shows:

Sat 9th Sept - Roll For The Soul, BRISTOL

Sun 10th Sept - The Rum 100 Festival, STOCKPORT

Tues 12th Sept - The Eagle, SALFORD

Sat 16th Sept - Band on the Wall, MANCHESTER

Sat 7th Oct - Evil Eye, LIVERPOOL

Sat 2nd Dec - One Church, BRIGHTON



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