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New album announcement

That sweet sense of relief! Of achievement! That culmination of all those carefully laid plans (which of course never work out the way you laid, or planned them.)

But I'm elated to have nudged my last fader on the new Granfalloon album 'CALENDAR - CHAPTER II'. It's the follow up to last year's 'Calendar - Volume I' and the second of three in the triptych that will make up the full Calendar project.

This was not the album I was intending to release this year but I couldn't be more pleased with how 'Chapter II' turned out. Writing with Lobelia is one of the most creatively rewarding things I've done in my life and the album wouldn't have been possible without her or Granfalloon bassist, and first diabetic in space, Daz Woodcock.

It has been a joy and a pleasure to work with all the musicians who have made this album possible... Hazel Watson (viola), Lucy McLuckie (cello), George Burrage (violin), Elliot Barlow (drums), Luke Dodd (slide guitar), and Dom Major, Andrew Glassford, and Domick Horsley (additional engineering and production).

Release dates, artwork, single announcements, and live show announcements will follow soon.

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