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Night Time #4

A new E.P. named after today...

This mostly instrumental piece was inspired by my first trip outside after being bed bound for 10 days straight with Covid Classic in 2021.

10 days of staring at screens, flat on my back. The Twenty-Fifth of March was a sweet day. You really notice that sun dappling through those trees. Sat on a bench reading Candide and watching the runners, I started to hear this music.

As such this is the first of the Night Time collections to be inspired by the Day Time (so I'll also give it the secret title of Day Time #1 - but that's just between us...)

This track is available for £1 today only. From tomorrow it will only be available for my lovely Bandcamp Subscribers - I'm very grateful to all of you for supporting my music. I hope you continue to enjoy the music I can make thank you to you ❤️

Listen on headphones 🎧 in the sun with yer eyes closed.

Thank you to Roomer Animations for the beautiful bark textured artwork.

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Jeff Archuleta
Jeff Archuleta
25 mar 2022

A serene, contemplative piece Richard.

Me gusta
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