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Singles collection added to Bandcamp

For today's Bandcamp Friday I am adding a collection of singles from Richard Lomax & The Tontine...

Today I'm releasing an E.P. of my singles from 2016 for my Bandcampers! If you are not a Subscriber you can download them as a one off for FREE today only (#bandcampfriday) before they become Subscriber only tomorrow.


1. I Cycle

2. Weapons of Mass Destruction

3. Choose Your Own Adventure

Get them at...

If you would like to Subscribe to me on Bandcamp you can do it for as little as £20 a year and you will gain access to my entire back catalogue. Plenty of stuff not available anywhere else!

This E.P. features the immense contributions of...

Si Borkin (bass)

Oli Hughes (drums)

Dave Bertram (guitars)

Biff Roxby/WR Audio (production)

Joe Beech (artwork for I Cycle)

And that's me playing the bicycle on I Cycle

There are wonderful music videos for each of the songs too...

I Cycle by Siobhan McManmon

Weapons of Mass Destruction by Ric Jones

Choose Your Own Adventure by Danny Helme & Jack Munroe is going live today

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Jeff Archuleta
Jeff Archuleta
05 mrt. 2022

These songs are great, and I love the videos too.

Granfalloon News
05 mrt. 2022
Reageren op

Thanks Jeff.

It feels good to be bringing these older songs back into the fold.

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