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Travelling Song - collaboration with Lobelia

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

To announce Chapter II of the Calendar triptych, Granfalloon is releasing ‘Travelling Song’, the lead single, on Friday 15th September.

Photo by EJ Lawson

Richard Lomax first embarked on writing songs for a proposed year-long journal in 2014… a maddening yet rewarding journey that documented the fever dream of a chaotic year in the form of fifty-two pieces of music.

Almost 10 years after its initial conception Lomax is about to release Calendar - Chapter II as a collaboration with fellow songwriter Lobelia. Chapter II is the follow up to 2022’s Volume I album, taking those fifty-two ramblings, ideas, half baked thoughts and overcooked dreams and turning them into what will become a trio of albums.

‘Travelling Song’ is a co-write between Lomax and Lobelia. Inspired by both the creative freedom one feels whilst in motion and the bitter pangs of homesickness for a home that no longer exists. Where Volume I was mostly songs written at the initial conception of the project and then meticulously recorded under studio conditions, the majority of Chapter II was recorded live with Lomax and Lobelia in the same room singing and playing together.

Travelling Song is taken from Granfalloon’s fifth studio album, ‘Calendar - Chapter II’.

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