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Working On Your Own

Updated: Aug 6, 2021


Listen to Working On Your Own right now

This song had such a strange journey; starting off as an intensely personal one about the loneliness of shift work, and then when Lockdown started it became perversely relatable. Weird.

I also loved recording this track because it meant I got to work with Elbow former drummer and co-founder, Richard Jupp; who plays an incredibly tasty drum part on it which locks in beautifully with Andy Lyth's superb percussion. Some wonderful strings by Maya McCourt too.

"Lomax’s smooth vocals are sublime, with a sophisticated air that’s still accessible and comforting as he earnestly sings about our human need for connection, and the loneliness of working the late shift..." Read more of Eclectic Music Lover's review at

Anyone who downloads on Bandcamp will receive an exclusive free bonus download of our cover of Care Of Cell 44 by the Zombies.

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